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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Tours  and provide the answers here.

IMPORTANT TOUR AND Dinner With a specter or two .. Mini Investigation, Group PACKAGE TICKETING INFORMATION, Memorial WEEKEND @) 8pm MST (AZ) RE GRAND OPENING JULY 4TH 2015 TIPS: Tips for your guide are not included in ticket prices and are highly encouraged as our guides work mainly for tips and appreciate your acknowledgement of a job well done! Our philosophy is... "If you're tour is exceptional, then gratuities are very acceptable".


Advance reservations are required for all tours and are subject to availability at the time of booking. Tickets for tours and tour packages are good for up to one year from the original purchase date. Ticket and package holders may change the tour location and date, or the number in their party as often as necessary with no fees, or penalties. A minimum two hour advance notice is required to avoid complete loss of tickets. Twenty-four hours is required on any Friday or Saturday in October. Full, or remaining tour credit may then be utilized toward any future reservation to include any of our evening lantern-led specter walks and/or haunted Dinner packages.


Guests may postpone their tour, or vacation package indefinitely for up to one year from the original purchase date free of charge with unlimited changes. Full tour credit can be renewed another full year for just $15 plus tax, which covers the office processing fee, by requesting the extension before the tour or vacation package's annual expiration date. Although cancellations for rescheduled tours are extremely rare, all rescheduled tours are subject to availability as determined by the host from the time of rescheduling up to the time of tour embarkation. Blackout dates for rescheduled tours run from September 15th through October 31st and they as well as ticket prices are subject to change. Rates are always calculated on the total number of your party at the time of re-booking. In the event of a partial postponement, per person rates are recalculated to adjust for those in attendance. Once again, whether it is the remaining difference from only a partial postponement, or the full ticket or package value, tour credits may be utilized toward future reservations for any of our evening lantern-led ghost walks and/or haunted vacation packages as well as select items found on the Steampunk Ghost Tours.


Please note that tours do operate rain, or shine. However, in the event of dangerous or extremely uncomfortable weather conditions, such as steady or falling temperatures below forty (40) degrees (due to the effects of long-term exposure), the tour may not operate and there are no refunds, but full tour credit is issued with the minimum two-hour advance notification requirement waived for weather related cancellations. Steampunk Ghost Tours orSpecterWalks reserves the right to cancel any tour with a minimal notice up to one hour before the tour if weather conditions are deemed hazardous, severe, or too uncomfortable for our guests. In the event that your tour is cancelled due to weather, guests will receive a full tour credit which, again, may be utilized toward any future reservation to include any of our evening lantern-led ghost-walks and/or haunted Dinner with a specter or two packages. Please see the "Postponements" section above for Rescheduling information. Please check your email two hours prior to your tour, due to weather conditions that are deemed hazardous or uncomfortable to our guests.


There is no tax for churches, schools, or other non-profit and tax exempt organizations. Special vacation package pricing is available for couples and families and step-on guide services are available for tour buses and large groups. Please call for details and reservations...


Smoking and alcoholic beverages as well as audio and video recording of or during toursare prohibited at all times.Unless prior Permission by owners The Tainted Angel Entertainment andPromotions... . Designated smoking areas and breaks for smokers are built in during your itinerary, or evening tour. If you must smoke, please inquire with your guide for details before the time of tour departure... .We attempt to make this tour PET friendly Your guide must have her Service dog so..... also, baby stroller friendly please make it pleasant for all curb your pet and curb your child for the sakenjoyment of all ..........NO children under 12 without adult.. We are not baby sitters ....and last but notleast the tour guide has the right to remove any disruptive individual with NO REFUNDS ......

Thank you and enjoy your tour
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