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Organic Gourmet Chocolate

SteamPunk Chocolates in Williams, Arizona is home to vegan gourmet chocolate with our unmistakable steampunk theme. These desserts are made available in our event planning services as well. We would like to thank the Chocolphiliac Insomniac Bakery Asylum for making all of these goodies fresh daily. Ask about any non-edible steampunk accessories you're looking for as well.

Victorian Chocolates & Treats

Treat yourself to the chocolates and treats of SteamPunk Chocolates. We use Victorian chocolate to create delectable confections that excite the senses. Our shop is not just a candy store — we are an experience. These family recipes are vegan-friendly and made with local ingredients.

Unlike American chocolate, which is filled with sugar and wax, our vegan chocolates and treats are made from 70% or more premium cacao chocolate. They contain no dairy and no whey, and are available in white, dark, and milk chocolate.

  • Steampunk Cupcakes
  • Unicorn Poop Cake
  • Dark Goggle Mini Cakes
  • Sun Flower Sun Burst
  • Sweet Steam Hot Coco
  • Maple Bacon Dark Chocolate Mustache Sucker

In addition to chocolate and treats, we also have elaborate steampunk goggles  and asseccories that are perfect for any getup. Wherever your steampunk-themed costume is taking you, you'll be able to find the right style of glasses at SteamPunk Chocolates.

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Now Offering Moonshine Chocolates!

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