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Fun Date Ideas Include Accommodations at a Haunted Hotel

If you're thinking of fun date ideas, try the Specter Hunt by Steampunk Ghost Tours in Williams, Arizona. It includes accommodations at a haunted hotel or bed and breakfast, and a special dinner for two.

Romancing and a Specter

Build trust and make lasting memories as a couple with some spooky stakeouts. When the two of you are left alone on a horror adventure, that's when the fun starts! The special ghost hunt will be led by medium Dusty Rose. We will provide you with top-quality equipment as part of the Specter Hunt Kit.

Ghost Wedding

Dine with a Specter or Two & Mini Investigation

Our company is currently working on adding a haunted dinner to our list of activities. This will take place in one of our many certified haunted restaurants around town. We will also serve Victorian Cemetery tea in Williams Cemetery, allowing you to experience full Victorian mourning customs.

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Supernatural Slumber Party Stay in a Certified Haunted Bed and Breakfast and a Special Package.
Including A Ghost Tour Which Includes a lot of Family Fun.
A Great Way to Scare the Wits Out of You.
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